A Garden View

I can provide full garden management services including:

  • design, garden development and soft landscaping services.
  • planting services,
  • garden preparation ahead of each season,
  • garden maintenance,
  • mowing, hedge cutting and composting including setup up of compost areas

I work for my clients in a variety of ways:

  • on a full, all year round basis to maintain their gardens and develop their full potential – season by season.
  • on a more ad hoc basis, concentrating on developing specific areas of their gardens at specific times.
  • on an advisory basis, covering matters such as lawn care, colour-themed borders, vegetable and herb gardens.

I have a private nursery from which I can provide high-quality ornamental trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.

I also grow bedding plants for my clients based either on a specific order or a selection chosen by myself as required.

My work normally involves a free initial site visit, followed by a chargeable appraisal to establish a clear working directive.

I carry full Public Liability insurance.


My charges vary according to the level of skill required but I always try to be as flexible as possible.

Following my initial site visit, I produce an appraisal which sets out the work that needs to be done and the one-off or recurring charges involved.